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"I am truly head over heel for this cookbook! Absolutely gorgeous pictures of delicious meals that even my 7 year old will eat."

"Stacie uses her smarts and beautiful sense of humor in this lovable and healthy cookbook. At first glance the book draws you into it and speaks, “Go ahead and try it, you’re going to love it and it’s healthy too!” Not many cookbooks can do that. I can’t wait to create all these meals in my kitchen with my children."

- Amanda

"I love all the gluten free and vegetarian options in the mix and am OBSESSED how many sheet pan and one pot meals there are. If I can cook a healthy meal without breaking my back and filling my sink with dishes and everyone eats it, that's IT for me. Swoonin'!"

- Whitney

"These recipes are delicious, healthy, and so so good!! Love this book!!!! There’s so much variety and the recipes are easy to follow."

- Kristen

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Hi! I'm Stacie!

Hi! I'm Stacie. "The Best Damn Cookbook" Amazon author, Sugarfacebakes Etsy Shop owner, accidental home cook and baker, a foodie and lover of sweets! You can read my personal struggles that lead to my success today in my newest cookbook on Amazon. It has been quite the journey! My recipes have been tested and approved by family, friends, and community. Here you will see dishes I have tested, explored, and ate way too much of! For the love of my sugar, food, and people, I'm here to sweeten your face with a dose of my simple recipes that are made to impress, plus my tips and tricks that will leave you and your guests wanting more!

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